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Sculpture – Allred, Kate – Welcome

Sculpture – Kate Allred

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Welcome! Below is a general course description as listed in the Sculpture Syllabus.
The Sculpture program is designed based upon the goals identified in the OK Visual ARt Standards. The program places a large empahsis upon art production art art making, but students will also be introduced to and develop skills in art criticism, aesthetics, and art history.
Sculpture is an advanced, rigorous course that reviews basic art concepts while introducing students to glass mosaics, relief sculpture, paper mache and other methods of sculpture building such as polymer clay.  Students will review elements of art and principles of design, while developing a technical level of skill with various tools and media.  The ability to effectively employ this fundamental knowledge underlies success in future visual art courses.
CLASS FEE– $50.00 – This should be paid to Mrs. Rames in the high school office.
1.5-2″ binder
plenty of #2 pencils
glass for stepping stones (2nd semester)

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