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PEF Grants

Type of Grant

The type of grants that this Foundation seeks to fund should be related to enhancing and enriching basic education in the Perry, OK. public school system.

Grant requests are encouraged to be for programs that are creative, intriguing, stimulating and challenging – and also impact a wide variety and number of students, regardless of their academic ability, socio-economic level or other real or perceived distinctions.

Realizing the importance of core subjects (Reading, English, Math, Science, and Social Studies), the Foundation will give careful consideration to grant requests relating to these areas. HOWEVER, we would also like to encourage the submission of requests in ALL areas, as we consider the areas outside of these perimeters to be equally important (Art, Music, Drama, Foreign Language, Health, Community Service, Leadership, etc.).

Guest speakers, educational field trips and creative classroom materials are just a few examples. Keep in mind that our goal is to enrich and enhance the basic educational experience for as many students as possible, in as creative a way as possible.

Apply for a Grant

Any educator in the Perry, OK. public school system may apply for a grant. All grant requests must be submitted using the approved form and in accordance with the guidelines stated on the form. Grant request forms will be distributed to all principals and teachers and will also be available in the Superintendent’s office. In addition, you may print a form from this site. To do so, go here:

PEF Grant Request Form*
Once completed, the grant request must be approved by your principal, then returned to the Superintendent’s office:

Superintendent of Perry Public Schools
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