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PEF Grants December 6, 2017

The PEF Board of Trustees met to consider grant requests. The following action was taken:

  • 20 Grants Approved: $26,165.53

1 Project: Geometry 4 SPED
Submitted By: Maegan Berg
2 Project: Penny Arcade
Submitted By: Caprecia Betchan
3 Project: High Interest Low Level Chapter Books
Submitted By: Linda Clark
4 Project: Scholastic Art Magazine
Submitted By: Kate Allred
5 Project: Two Days with Clay
Submitted By: Kate Allred & Valerie Howell
6 Project: Scholastic Magazine: Update— Reader: The Holocaust
Submitted By: Sage Chenoweth
7 Project: VR for Future Success
Submitted By: Timory Kennedy
8 Project: TI-84 CE Class Set
Submitted By: Kevin Bond
9 Project: We like it, We love it, We want more of it!
Submitted By: Valerie Howell
10 Project: Electronic Balances
Submitted By: Shanna Sweet
11 Project: Elmo Document Camera
Submitted By: Tiffany Nelson
12 Project: Buckle Down Intervention Curriculum
Submitted By: Tina Bowman, Amanda Wilson, and Stacey Delk
13 Project: 4th Grade Rocket Launch
Submitted By: 4th Grade – Bowman, Leach, Stover, and Tetik
14 Project: Discovering Geometry: An Investigative Approach
Submitted By: Maegan Berg
15 Project: Teaching on “Wheels”
Submitted By: Maegan Berg
16 Project: Project X
Submitted By: Maegan Berg
17 Project: Touch Money Kit
Submitted By: Maegan Berg
18 Project: “Just keeps going…. & going…”
Submitted By: Maegan Berg
19 Project: Geometry Textbook for Special Needs
Submitted By: Maegan Berg
20 Project: Books and More
Submitted By: Karee Grim w/Melissa Cinnamon & Barbara Ladson

900 Fir Ave
Perry, OK 73077

High School
900 Fir Ave
Perry, OK 73077

Junior High
901 Elm
Perry, OK 73077

Upper Elementary
1303 N 15th
Perry, OK 73077

Lower Elementary
1103 N 15th
Perry, OK 73077

Maroon Academy
906 N 13th
Perry, OK 73077