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College Applications & Admissions

For-Profit Universities vs Public/Private Universities

– Ensure that the school in which you enroll is accredited (meeting certain academic standards). For-Profit Universities exist to make a profit, while Public/Private Universities exist to serve students. For-Profit Tuition is higher than Public/Private Tuition

Recommendation Letters

– choose a teacher who knows you well and in whose class you did well. Give them your resume and/or complete this form to help your letter-writer say great things about you.

Visiting a College Campus

– See a checklist of things to do when you visit a college campus


– provides students with instant results showing them their chances of admission to universities (free)

College Admissions

– Navigate college admissions like a pro with Khan Academy’s evolving resource! You can find advice that is relevant for all college applicants in addition to portions tailored for high potential students who are worried about whether they can afford higher education.


Colleges that do not require ACT/SAT scores

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High School
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Junior High
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Upper Elementary
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Maroon Academy
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