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Chemistry I – Sweet Shanna – Welcome

Chemistry I – Shanna Sweet


I LOVE teaching the science of  Chemistry, but more importantly, I love working with students!  My goal is to make the website not just a tool for me, as the teacher, to connect with parents, but also a learning tool and resource for the students. Hopefully, this webpage will lead to successful students as we work together as teacher, students, and parents.

I will post my lesson plans weekly.  Please be aware that our schedule is subject to change without notice!  If you need specific information about a particular lesson, please contact me directly.  If you would like to reach me please email or click on my Daily Schedule in the menu to the right.

Chemistry can be challenging for many students. Because I want students to feel free to ask questions or to seek extra help when needed I am available in my classroom before school, at lunch, or after school.  Student study groups may also be helpful for some students.

I will communicate with parents through email.  If you wish to be included in the group email, please make sure to list your email information on the class syllabus.  I will also communicate with students and parents via Remind.  To sign up for Remind text messages text @84003 to 580-307-3847.

Below, I have included the link to important documents that students will need throughout this course.

Shanna Sweet

Sweet Chemistry I Syllabus

Chemistry Lab Safety Contract

Common Elements List

Polyatomic Ions List

Student Info Sheet p.1

900 Fir Ave
Perry, OK 73077

High School
900 Fir Ave
Perry, OK 73077

Junior High
901 Elm
Perry, OK 73077

Upper Elementary
1303 N 15th
Perry, OK 73077

Lower Elementary
1103 N 15th
Perry, OK 73077

Maroon Academy
906 N 13th
Perry, OK 73077