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8th English – Norvelle, Patrick- Welcome

8th English – Mr. Norvelle


This Course is 8th grade English Language Arts class which is designed to help students develop their reading and writing skills. In this class,  we will be using a scheduled, scaffolding technique guiding students towards success in their short-term goals, as well as their long term dreams.

The techniques used this school year will include a daily Bell Ringer that is a silent individual writing activity to completed at the beginning of every hour. Bell Ringers will be worth 100 points each week, which means students must be diligent in their daily practices. Along with Bell Ringers, students will complete a 8th grade Vocabulary Worksheet each Monday, followed by a vocabulary/spelling quiz every Friday. Bell Ringers and Vocabulary will be a consistent activity throughout the school year. Vocabulary/Spelling words will be posted on the Lesson Plans section, located to the right on this screen.

The goal for this year is to prepare students to both read and write multiple types of essays/stories. We will be writing an argumentative/persuasive paper, and discussing the proper way to discuss an arguable topic by using evidence, being non-biased, and listening to others perspectives. Students will be exploring research strategies and using MLA formatting to properly cite information. Along with Argumentative papers, students will be reading/writing Expository/informative text and narratives.

Students will be learning in-depth strategies for reading, writing, study skills, test taking, researching, and citing. This year will include a multitude of group work and hands-on activities, striving to improve each Perry Junior High members passion for reading and writing.

If you would like to reach me please email or click on my Daily Schedule in the menu located to the right on the computer, and hidden down below on a cell phone.

Thank You,

Mr. Norvelle

Syllabus. English Language Arts and Reading

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