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7th Keyboard – Delk, Ronnie- Welcome

7th Keyboard – Mr. Norvelle


This course is designed to help students with limited keyboarding experience become fluid with a computer keyboard. Typing is like anything else in life, one must practice in order to achieve success. Students will be learning more than just how to type, we will be implementing ways to create newspapers, letters, and documents using Microsoft word.

Microsoft Word will be the software used to teach margins, font, italics, paragraph structure, and many other cool ways to express ones self with the power of technology. Students will learn to type properly first, then we will create projects using strategies proven to create success. Understanding how to use Microsoft Office software gives students a skill necessary in the modern workplace.

Speaking of a place to work, we will be using an online classroom accessible from school and home. Students are encouraged to practice at home, if possible. We will be playing online typing games, having typing races, as well as replicating famous quotes. All of the material is available to the students enrolled in the online class.

If you would like to reach me please email or click on my Daily Schedule in the menu located to the right on the computer, hidden down below on a cell phone.

Thank You,

Mr. Norvelle

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